im not someone who had it all when i was growing up. when i was 13 my world changed. my younger sister (who was 9)was taken to the hospital for chest pains. it was in that moment that my family's lives changed. at the hospial they found out that she had a rare heart condition. she has had 4 procedjures done and durig one she had a heart she was only in 5th grade. while ill that was going on in the hospital i was a freshman in hs taking care of my 5 yr old brother. my sister was in intensive care for the next 3 years. fast forward to.2014 she has had one procedjure in June that failed. the next one has been planned for oct. 7 and it freaks me out that my little sister is going to be the first person ever to need this done 5x. i have had to grow up so much faster then people my age. im 21 and feel like im a mom to an 11 yr. i feel alone somedays.
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I'll pray that God blesses you, your family and your sister. Be strong. Thanks.

thanka i try to keep a smile on my face because life is way to short to not smile

I feel humbled at what a special person you are and what a great attitude you have. I pray that everything works out for the best for you.

You are amazing. Prayers for your sister.

thank you so much it means alot

You're welcome hon. Keep your chin up cuz you're stronger than you know.