I used to be very angry with the universe. I had the "why me's" just like everyone else.

I am not angry anymore. I honestly believe that everyone has a path in life. I think in order to be able to do what you are supposed to do, you must experience certain situations first.

I have suffered so much in life, yet I am still here. I got back up and am even stronger and so much more intuitive. This is because of my suffering. This is because I've OVERCOME and learned.

You know some of the greatest people in this world have suffered the most.. I say that to those that read this post because if you are suffering and wonder why? Maybe it is because you are great.

It is because of my life experiences that I have empathy, sympathy and a deep understanding of others. I can see the good in people; however, I have the gift of seeing the bad as well. I'm not sure that is a gift... most people have bad in them, and I am alone.

I am ok with being alone, without a mate, for now anyway. Every time I meet a potential date I immediately see... the bad.. Then I remember why I like to be alone.

I am so much stronger because of all I've been through, I hope I am not hardened from it though.

Do not let this world make you hard. (I know, easier said then done)

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Thank you for sharing this insightful post.And it is better to be alone than with a man who holds you back and makes you less than you should be.When you find yourself and are in touch with who you are you will NEVER be alone.

I agree. I like it wen life feels like I am swimming against the tide. And wen I make it to the shore against all odds, that's like true winner.

I wish you all the best, and that more people with more good than bad will cross your path as they journey through theirs. Thanks for sharing :)

Really liked reading this.and I believe everyone has a path too. Let's hope I'm on the right one :-) thanks for sharing xx

i would say i am stronger in some things but as long as people dont push me to far i am the nicest person you could meet but if i snap i can lose control

It is up to you to not be pushed so far. You are great.

We all have that point of loosing control. We have chatted and I find you amazing.

its knowing what i could do that stops me getting into situations where i could lose it i dont like the man i become