people who have not truely been abused either mentally or physically have no real idea on what the ones who do are talking about. sadly most of my life is a blur because for almost 20 years of my life i had been basically brainwashed and made to believe a lot of things where true and that my past was all great and nothing was bad. after i had finally gotten away i'm starting to remember all of the beatings i had and all of the physical abuse i had been put through, all the counselors i've seen that kept saying that did absolutely nothing but sit there and compare my life to others. heh, thinking back on it i don't see how i didn't get 2nd hand smoke or die from all of the times i was a passenger in wrecks due to drunken driving, i guess there's a reason i'm still around.
no matter what you face now and what you have faced in the past, like myself that i mostly can't remember, what matters is how you face it and how you deal with it, and afterwards how you choose to live the rest of your life, life sucks and everyone knows this, especially people with rough pasts/current lives. all you can really do is just keep going on and trying to make your life better for yourself and if you have a lover, better for them as well.
thanks for listening if anyone did, sorry if i wasted your time.
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Not to be the wise *** here but if your brave enough to post you've been abused say how. As a victim myself I'm with you in your never ending battle, but don't you owe yourself and those who read this and might look up to you that much. Here's a saying that true for the good and the bad. The truth shall set you free. I don't think you've done this yet it might sound crazy but talking is just the beginning whether it be online, in person or on the phone give it a try.

Hope this helps.

I would say how but i honestly have been so brainfucked that i only recently escaped the house i was in with my own mother that was always watching me and making me think things that i now know were never true and now i'm not entirely sure what all happened to me that i was lied about, i know i was mentally abused by her latest ex husband and i was told it was also physical, but the rest of my family has been lieing to me as well so idk what to believe i was told about any of my past. i'm trying to ignore it all for now and focus on the future cause i need to get a job and whatnot set up since i moved about half way across the u.s. just to escape my family and all their lies.
I honestly wish i knew what all happened to me so i could be able to battle it one thing at a time, but i can barely even remember the good parts of my life let alone the bad parts that my mind passively blocks me from remembering, what few parts that leak out are how i watched her most recent ex treating me like i was garbage and finding reasons to kill any pet i ever owned one by one.
I'm sorry that i can't remember all that happened to me but once i do remember everything i will probably redo the original post to actually say what had happened to me.

Please don't think you're wasting anyone's time - I too am a survivor of mental and physical abuse, a lot of which I don't remember. Like they say, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Keep looking up and onwards 😊 x

Great post really know exactly what you mean stay strong bud make your own life a great one

You are a survivor. Survivors are the toughest people. You are here for a reason. Take everything you know, all your wisdom and use it. You have a purpose in this world. Stay strong :-)

Kalsero, you will never waste anyone's time by writing how you feel! I am 41 and had a life which I had been abused in several ways and people will tell you there experience and how they felt from it or dealt with it. It may help you in some ways or not, but the one thing that doesn't change is that everyone has feelings and you are allowed to feel how you do. One persons experience to another's similar doesn't mean they will or should feel the same! I personally journal and have since 10 years old because it helps me get all my pain and words out without being judged or told I'm wrong or stupid! No I'm not, I'm just human with a messed up past!

Sorry got long, just wanted to remind you “you are worth it” have a great day and I hope you can find peace in life!

thanks, i guess you got a point.
i'm usually just the one who sits there and listens to people, i'm never usually the one to type or say my feelings out loud, i'm no real good at expressing myself, thanks for that though.

My problem exactly...I always listens there problem but when it come to one bats an eye...i don't know how.