So Very True...

It is said that everything happens in your life for a reason.. I beleive this saying to be so very true..  If it hadn't of been for my rough up bringing and the trials that I faced, I wouldn't be the person I am now..  I learned how to bounce back and how to over come obstacles..  If I am down, it is never for long.. If I cry, it quickly turns into a smile.. I forgive quickly and love deeply...  If I had had a normal  ubringing god only knows who i'd be today.. So yes I beleive I am a much stronger person for everything..

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This is a great little story. Your writing reflects that you are a strong compassionate person. Have a good week.

Natural beauty can strike awe in someone or bring a smile to your face..<br />
<br />
You are right I do try to find joy in the smallest of things... You are so right on that one..<br />
Just told my friend this morning actually, that small things make me happy...<br />
<br />
Thanks so much for you comment Tasmin.. I loved reading it...<br />
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I think you should put in your story that you try to find joy in the smallest of things. <BR><BR>The beauty of sunset makes you pull over your car to admire <BR>and the flight of a hawk .. .as I really loved reading that.<BR><BR>It is true there is so much beauty in the world but it is easy to forget because of all the crap that goes on as well.<BR><br />
I, for sure, need to make an effort to remember to find joy in natural beauty because it certainly does give me joy.

Thank you... K... You know what I think.. I am here for you... ((hugs))

Very good perspective to have!!

I am having to get my life straight right now. and Its hard for me. <br />
<br />
I just feel so alone alot of the time. and I am not sure of what to believe often.

Love you and love your attitude!

every long rewarding journey starts with the first step.....what doesnt kill us only makes us stronger .....and the one i have lived by my whole life as i can relate to you alot in this manner.......damaged people are dangerous because they know no matter what happens they can and will survive through anything.

Yes, I know... Not everyone makes it through unscathed.. I had a broher who turned to drugs because of everything we went through.. It was hard to watch him fight his demons.. It started at 17 and he finally, after rehab and at 30, came to terms with everything... ((hugs))

You're lucky.

I am going to look...<br />
:) ((hugs))

aw thanks. I sent u a messege on ur white board

Like I said if you'd like you can contact me.. I may not always have the right words but I try... ((hugs))

I need strength. and hope as well to continue<br />
I have been ready just to quit for along time but am holding on somehow.

Robyn... You blushed... awww xxx

I wish there were something I could do for you..<br />
If you need someone to talk to I am here and am always willing to listen... I have a very comfortable shoulder and a sensitive ear... ((hugs))

Glad you do. <br />
<br />
and thanks. I need what I can get. I am scared for myself and family. I am crying now.:(<br />
<br />
I have no idea why I am still awake except the nightmare is back which means i am back to no sleep for days at time. :(

kthimm1... (((hugs))) I wish I could extend my hand to you and lend you some strength.. I am sure your tears will dry and you will find your inner solace.. again (((hugs)))<br />
<br />
Robynxxxx You know I love ya... :)<br />
<br />
CA... What can I say.. I was just being honest and spoke from my heart... <br />
<br />
:))) I feel so truly loved tonight..

Everybody is unique in their own way. <br />
<br />
Me I am just lost right now and scared for myself and family I just found.

it was very well written. <br />
<br />
I wish I could believe that everything happens for a reason. <br />
<br />
I seem to cry all the time when I am alone now and I never used to either. <br />
<br />
I should be happy but I am scared instead.

Hugs & Kisses... Back to you...<br />
Thank you.... So much.. :)))

very well written-hugs

My kinda woman *hugs&kisses*

Exactly...<br />
passionately and with abandon...<br />
I live life to the fullest and try to find<br />
joy in the smallest of things.. From the<br />
beauty of a sunset that I have to pull<br />
to the side of the rode to admire, <br />
to the hawk i saw flying today.. Those <br />
small things make me happy and <br />
glad to be here.. xxx dedre

Forgot who said it...<br />
"Whatever doesn't kill you, only brings you that much closer to death."<br />
But I like better:<br />
"Whatever doesn't kill you, only makes you stranger"<br />
Not quite so cynical, and really truthful in a tonge-in-cheek kinda way!<br />
Besides, if you're gonna live, live passionately!

AWWW...<br />
I feel the love....<br />

xxxx Carrot.... Thank you... That just touched me... <br />