Many Times..

Whenever there's an event or a new thing with life I need to apply myself to... I worry it over with the worst of my capabilities.
Only to find I was remembered and vainly noticed and complimented with loving attention. Sadly I never give myself the credit to deserve it.

When my friends make fun of me... and someone else says otherwise in conflict to what they say... I just take a step back and say nothing because the comment did not relate closely to my truth. I
It's really a compliment to be of importance and noticed that way.

When someone who wants to be right tries to find meaning or the answer they expect. Only to find when the answer they seek of you is right. Hence you have only agreed to disagree. 
I'll like to call it 'I know and I can't be bothered'.

Many more, it just proves that people like to bypass the truth by me even when it doesn't seem like it.
Through the meaning of "I don't care or I care to much".

jerkina jerkina
36-40, F
Aug 10, 2010