Stay Stong! You Are Worth Something!

With all the things that has happened, i'm glad i get to help people and make them feel better.
I know when people try to help people and they have no clue what they're going through.
I help people who have or are self harming or thinking of suicide. I feel everyone has a reason to do it, but doesn't mean they should.
I did it because i felt like i had no purpose here, i could never make my father proud unless i was suspended, or in detention.
He never cared about my dreams, or what i was feeling. I've known him only 4-5 years out of 14.
My family is all messed up both my moms and my dads side, my dad's side every single one of them has been to jail even my brothers and sisters since they were of the age of 12 in and out of JDC.
But i now think that people deserve to live no matter what's going on, i had gotten help and realized i was hanging with the wrong people that made me feel worthless and trying to get me do **** that would get me sent back to JDC! i decided to just hang with people that made me happy and crazy, who understands me and won't ignore me when i tell them about my pass!
Suicide is never the answer nither is cutting and self harming. Even doing **** the get's you ****** up, i know it frees you from pain but there could be other ways. I joined a band, got a job, i have friends, and all i want to do is make my baby neice proud of me, she changed me but when she died i didn't know what to do and went back to the **** i did before she inspired me to be a better person, there is always 1 person or 1 thing to get you through it all! remember just to be strong, stay true to yourself, and never let anybody make you feel worthless!
TruthIsYetToCome TruthIsYetToCome
13-15, F
Jan 11, 2013