Going Down For The Last Count Financially, Physically & Mentally!

         I will tell you my story, 3 years ago my sister had a brain aneurysm that ruptured and she had a stroke. We were very close, not only was she my sister, we were best friends. I had a job, owed nothing, no credit cards, and was doing OK. My brother-in-law owns a marketing & advertising company, the doctor’s did not think my sister would make it, but my brother-in-law had to run his business could not keep taking off so he had asked me if I would quit my job & stay with my sister in the hospital. She could not talk, everything was garbled, but I seemed to know what she wanted. He said he would pay me & when my sister would finally come home I could work for his company.  So I quit my job and stayed with her at the hospital 55 hours a week. Finally after 2 months she was moved to a nursing home (he would only pay me a flat rate income) and my car from all of the driving was in need of repairs. The repair bill for the car was 2500, which I did not have so I put it on a charge card. Also from just sitting around in hospitals & nursing homes, I started to put on weight, so I bought some new clothes, not expensive but I needed a new winter coat, jeans, tops, everything I had was too small. Add that onto a charge. So now I am staying at the nursing home 50 to 55 hours a week, but they are doing therapy on her trying to teach her to walk, feed herself, etc. After 3 months they released her to go home, but I had to take her to therapy everyday. Now I am working 8 hours a day. My sister was starting to make progress, and a blood clot went to her heart & killed her. After her funeral my brother- in- law said to me that I could go onto unemployment and I should have no trouble finding a job,  no job from him.  There were no jobs to be found.
      I  could see something was not right with my mother, could not get anyone in my family to check on her so I could go find a job outside the house, and finally after getting a doctor to come to the house, my mother who would not go to a doctor, discovered she had brain cancer & leukemia.  So I found a part time 9.00 hour job that I could do from home, and care for my mother which was a full time. I had to cook, clean, do yard work, grocery shopping, bathe, feed, change her, change the bed linens, do the laundry which had doubled, all by myself. As she would get worse had to quit part time job, had gone through my savings and now living on credit cards. My mother had no insurance, health or life. Just Medicare & social security. I was paying for things I needed to care for her out of my pocket, wheelchair, diapers, until that doctor came out and started writing prescriptions for supplies needed. Could not get the government to help. When she died I was 15000 in debt on credit cards, I was put onto title of home, but there is a 70,000 mortgage left on the house, finally found this job but   that was after months of looking, a lot of scams out there, Bank would not modify the loan so I could afford the payments, but because I am not on the mortgage, even though I make the payments, they said they would not modify it. My mother had no will. I have tried every avenue to try to get out from this mess, but to no avail. That is why I filed chapter 13, trying to save the house, because if I lose this house, I am homeless. But to meet the mortgage, utilities, I don’t know how to make ends meet. I work 40 hours a week from home at 10.00 hour. Don’t drive my car can’t afford the insurance, gas, needs work it is 14 years old. I have been struggling for 3 years and I can’t hang on to much more. I have health issues no money or insurance to afford a doctor.  I am single, just me and my cat, if I had children or married I could get help. Would love to start a business, but now since I am filing chapter 13 that will never happen. My whole life I have helped people, but I can’t find the help I need. This should give you an idea of what I am going through.
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2 Responses Aug 8, 2010

Jesus, you have had it rough my friend. You know life does not last forever so the next time it rains, go to your nearest green park and when the rain has stopped, take your shoes and socks off and walk on the grass. It won't pay the bills but god it makes you feel alive for a change... And it's free.

Hang in there and Keep fighting every day. Don't give up hope, keep praying to God he does and will hear you. No matter how hard life may be remember it is precious to hang onto. I pray and hope you find a great church to attend with great people in it and leading it. I have many struggles myself but my hope has been restored by finding the right place of worship, and the people there make the differance. Remeber God said lean no on your own understanding of things in this world, but rather lean on His understanding of this world. I pray for you and hope God's grace Love and Peace find their way to your heart!!! God Bless and hang in there and keep fighting for the Good od God!!