Money Is The Root Of All Stressors!!!!

I work fulltime but it still isn't leaving me "financially" comfortable. I have bills, debt, a girlfriend, and other expenses to account for. I have no money for myself, I'm lucky if my gf and I get to have a nice date anytime soon! My situation is not only depressing me, but stressing me out more than it ever, ESPECIALLY NOW. I've had financial difficulties in the past but I am really trying to work on it not spending beyond my means. Right now I am trying to find myself some part time work in the late afternoon, or even on the weekends but even that is hard especially in San Diego, CA. I'm running out of time and the stress and pressure of it all is eating away at my self-esteem and dignity. Is there anyone with the same issues as me? I'm feeling HOPELESS!
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3 Responses May 8, 2012

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I am a single man in Britain with no family and am in the same boat. I work full time but my wage barely covers my bills and so have no money for myself. Currently see no way out, and so stops me from looking for a partner, as am sure no one would be interested in someone who is struggling by. Dont know how much longer I can go on like this. My colleagues are talking that I have had no new clothes for a long time, but they all have partners with larger wages. I am also looking for part-time work, but the state of Britain means that many people are chasing the same jobs. Not going to be a merry Christmas. Good luck to you both.

I am in the same boat. I work full time and have a part time job waiting tables. I am lucky if I get to go out on a nice date. It's super stressful because it feels like you aren't "seeing" any of the money. As a female, I am supporting myself and my boyfriend. I make the bulk of our income, but he does help out. He has a job at a grocery store, but of course we are barely able to make ends meet. I am trying to avoid using my credit cards, but some unexpected expense always seems to come up. I have medical expenses that are pretty heavy on my pocket and just yesterday my muffler started acting up. I am not living lavishly by any means and just checked out my wardrobe. Depressing.