She Screwed Me Over!

Hi im a 24yr old male i have 3yr old...his mom and i split up after i found out she was cheating on me with her ex boyfriend 2 months after our child was born...her ex then left my sons mom so he could run back to his wife and she became upset i would not take her back and put me on child support. She lives in a different city and she was planning to move down where i live but when she found out i wanted 50/50 custody she decided to stay where she was at to make me miserable...i pay $500 a month in child support and see my soon 8 days out of a month. I purchased a home for us 2 months before our child was born with my credit at age 21 for us to be a family and she screwed me over! I have been struggling so bad i cant pay certain luxuries like my Gas bill (i have no hot water) cable, internet, i have sold my TVs my bank account is at -$800.00 my credit went to **** and i cant even date because im embarrassed i have no money. My mortgage is behind 2 payments as well as my car note when i was doing so so stressed i feel my hair falling out and im always depressed...i just sleep all day when im not at work...i need help....
TalentedMan TalentedMan
Sep 18, 2012