I Never Thought I Would Be In This Situation...

Hello, I'm 24 years old... I've recently got out of active duty military due to the fact that my mother needed help with her little restaurant. She owns a small business which has been failing for the past 5 years. It's in the negative every year and she's been pulling loans out of her credit cards from left and right in order to pay for the lease of this little business, food cost, employees, and random expenses. She's $60,000 in debt with the bank companies and pays over $1000 in interest every month due to the amount that she owes.

My father left my mother a couple of years ago, leaving her with the small business that was going under her name so he wouldn't have to worry about it anymore. He knew the business has been failing 5 years ago and he decided to run without telling her about the consequences. He also took a mortgage on the house that they had owned together of 150k and so my mother has to pay that back along with the expenses of this restaurant.

She also has three kids, she has me... which I am the oldest one, my little sister who is 17 years old, and my little brother who is autistic at the age of 15 years old. She has been a struggling mother trying to take care of the small business 12 hours a day and making sure her kids are fed and going to school on time. When she had called me to help her, I had to asked to be release from the military for me to be able to come back home and help her out with the situation that she is in by translating for her with the business and everything else that is needed.

I recently found out that she has been sick for the past two years. Since my father had left her she has gone into a deep depression and on top of all that, she was financially stressed. This had caused her to grow a tumor on the back of her neck and pains all over her body. She's been getting horrible headaches and body, teeth aches at night time when she comes home. Her schedules is to wake up in the morning around 7am to make sure my brother and sister gets to school on time, goes to work around 10am and comes home around midnight after the store closes, then she starts all over again.

Now, this is only the background of my mother.. I am currently struggling right now and never thought this would happen to me. I've been working since I was 14 years old. I've been a server most of my life and made sure I had money on me to pay for myself. By the time i was 18 years old I moved out of the house and paid everything that I have. I've joined the military thinking that this could benefit me in a lot of areas not just financially stable but to use my motivation to work hard with a military family. I've saved up to $40,000... but then got a divorced and lost half. This is fine, I understand this whole divorce thing, I still had $20,000.

My mother has nothing at this point, so as you can see with this story... I have given my mother over $5,000 to help her with the small business, money that she owes, and then I have given her the rest of my money... the other $10,000 for her surgery because she needed it. She needs to make sure her body is up to par and that she is healthy enough to be able to take care of my little brother and sister. I'm only here temporary to help her out with the business, the house, and my brother and sister.

Over the past few months... she had a TWO lawsuit filed on her... because she didn't understand english very well, she had signed contracts in which she shouldn't have. I've already fixed this and had to pay $4500 for the attorney fee also the settlement fees. She is trying to see the house as of right now along with this small business. I am trying to help her out and my body is taking a toll on it all. She's out of the country for the next couple of months and I am currently 11 weeks pregnant. I don't know how much longer I can do this, I know this is all temporary... I just had to vent. I wish I could win the lottery, because our restaurant bank account just been over drafted four times... we had to pay a total fee of $200 for over draft... this is free money for the bank!
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I can relate to you. I wish we could talk more because i am losing my mind