I Am Struggling, Too...

It's May, and we have not been intimate since July.  We are in counseling, and the counseling seems to be helping and even solving our other issues.  He is a great guy, but his libido is really low.  All of this happened about the time I got pregnant / gave birth 4 and a half years ago.  This is craziness.  Men are not supposed to be like this!  Undoubtedly, I have many layers of the onion regarding this topic I have not dared to pull back and investigate.  Perhaps because it would be too painful, and I would be obligated to do something about it.  Maybe an ultimatum?  I dunno.  Maybe an affair?  I have the opportunity, but I do not want to break my vows.  I struggle a lot with this circumstance.  What to do...what to do.  How long should this go on before I do something more drastic than counseling?
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1 Response May 12, 2007

There is just 3 reasons a guy isn't going for ya in my experiance. performance problems or he has other medical issues or outside interests. If he's claiming he loves ya ! tell em ya are worried about him and take him to Doctor! Soon!