Inside Out

Running on two hours of sleep and Feel like at any moment I could burst. I Feel like the last two years of my life Has been spent  Living A Lie.. I thought He loved me Obviously he didn't. I thought He'd never Hurt me.. He did.. I'm so confused and angry, But mostly I'm hurt. Things use to be So great I use to think he's all that I Wanted.. But since I had our son Everything Has went to hell.. He started Hitting me Cusing me.... Threatning to take my Life... I just feel Like I've lived one big Lie... And I don't want to be lonely For the rest of my life but I don't want to be hurt either What do I do.. I'm Falling Apart.. But I have to hold it together for my little boys sake.
matthewsmommy matthewsmommy
18-21, F
4 Responses Jul 31, 2010

Thank you Very Much

Good for you Matthewsmommy, You deserve better. You will not be alone for ever. Right now you have your son, soon, with patience and confidence, you will find someone who deserves YOU! Hang in there be strong and enjoy your life with your little man.

Thank you I am Out of the Situation and My son Will never have to see those kind of things that is why I decided to Take a stand before he gets old enough to really and truly know what is going on

Hello....Where do I begin....Nobody has the right to lay there hands on you! My Heart goes out to you and your boys.. I would get an order of protection he will not be able to get to you. Once they start they always say...Im sorry it won"t happen again until next time. Please call the police if he ever puts his hands on you again. There are places you can go too. Do you have any family or friends that live close? Maybe it will be best if you go some place safe. I am really scared for you and the children. I really hope the kids don"t see the things he does and I truley hope he never layed a hand on your kids.. Please leave before things get out of control... My Heart goes out to you all.....Anto815