Breaking Down

the logical half of me tells me not to care. he was a jerk. he was abusive. he's not worth my time. but it's finally ended and it's the worst i've felt in a very long time, even though i know it's right. i should be happy, but i swear it is like getting unaddicted to something. i hear all the stories how people move on but i can't figure out how.i don't want to let "time heal the pain" i want to find things to do...get him off my mind. school is starting..i can't let it affect my grades again.
do you just keep busy?
do you start yoga?
do you date someone else? :/
all of my girlfriends left during my time dating him bc they didn't understand why i stayed. the only one to talk to is my mom. i need you guys.

i need to sleep. i need to eat. my body needs to function. i need to feel normal. hopefully one day i will be the girl inspiring other people. knowing what it feels like to move on and be happy again. but until then, advice please
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i'm in the same boat, trying to get over a breakup...<br />
my boyfriend wasn't abusive, but he did alot of things i would NEVER even think of doing to him and he was extremely insensitive. he broke up with me and doesn't even care or regret his decision, while I am over here dying; torn apart beyond recognition on the inside. i gave him EVERYTHING. i put EVERYTHING into him, into us, and suddenly he is 'over it'... what about all those times you talked about marrying me and our future together? what about a week ago when you said we were meant to be? how could you do this to me? and just replace me and not gaf.... i don't know what to do.

thanks guys. it's good to hear the stories of people in the situation who have had the strength to move on. i really respect you. i can't wait to be in that mind set. i'm bad at holding my feelings back but i will try. thank you again

Hang in there hun. It will get better, I promise. And you were addicted to him. It does hurt. I know cause I've been there. My first husband was abusive. Unfortunately, It will take time. Dating isn't too good of an idea right now, but everything else you listed is a good idea. Keep yourself busy and when you do feel overwhelmed with pain and emotion, let it come. Feel the pain and confusion. Feel it all. Don't be afraid of the pain. Then let it go. This is your healing process. The most important thing you can do is take care of yourself! Nothing is more important. Do NOT give up. Maybe you can make new friends or get in touch with old friends. If they are real friends, they will be there for you. If not, remeber that you are a strong woman. And talk to your mom. Mom's are great.

good idea. keep busy, distract yourself (school, hobbies), i would get another bf if i were you, or spend time with friends. these things will help keep your mind off of it.