I Will Never Forgive Them.

          When my girlfriend died her family ,well her mom and step dad lied to me and hid her funeral from me and my sons . We didnt get to go and pay our lasst respects and say good bye to her. Its not  fair and its not right monica would of wanted us to be there. they were way wrong for that. Its so hard for me to move on. How can  I live with all this.
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2 Responses Sep 8, 2010

Hi, First & Foremost It was YOUR relationship w/ Monica NOT her parents that matters.Telling her parents to go......well, you know where. Well it may help you feel so much better (maybe). Remember they also lost Monica and everyone deals and handles grief differently.It may not be or seem what is right @ the moment.We never know what we would do @ a time like that. It is a horrible loss to loose a child just as it is a horrible loss to loose a friend, but rememeber this...... Monica is in a better place than you and I. Remember the good times you shared and do what she would want you to do .Which is move on ,never forget her and your friendship live life all though so hard @ times live it and live it to the fullest!. _P/S...I see where I am listed as your fan. Not sure what it means,but thank you. I am a newbie here.Good Luck w/this. Look forward to getting to know u better. ......established78

Before you tell her parent to go to hell, get the location of the grave site and go see her with flowers. Remember, Monica was your friend and seeing her every year is the right thing to do. As to her parents, let them go their own way. Just remember the good times with Monica.