Yet I Still Have A Smile On

It seems like I've failed at everything. I walk around with this confidence that everyone respects, but no one knows how badly I struggle everyday. I'm broke and living in a broken home, I try hard in school but it never works, I have a dysfunctional family that I just can't get away from, and if I do, what will happen to them? I'm convinced that I'm not good at anything which everyday I try to disprove but just can't. I vent to my friend, but he expects me to just be able to fix my problem with ease, actually if it wasn't for him I would have already lost my mind. I hate living in this city,all the houses look grey the streets are bland dirty and broken, the people are contempt with the life in this city, with no open mindness, all alike unfortunately even I, this city spares only the strong and that's few around here. I've resorted to petty crimes as a mean of money, the worst part about it is I've got rich family who don't care. There caught up in themselves and have conceded children who only look down on me for living in a broke town, saddest part is if it weren't for my dad, they would have never gotten there, and even though I hate to admit it I'm envious of them, they'll never see what I saw, or have to go to the experiences I have, and have everything they want and more. Now I'm not a materialistic person but I just want to relax. If only Epicurus's philosophy were as easy to apply in the contemporary world. It's hard for me to even write this and admit it, but Its even worse they way that I hide it with shame. My only hope now is that the smile I put on will help put a smile on someone else, despite who they are.
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1 Response Nov 3, 2011

It must be very hard for you.