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This is my first time sharing here. So here it goes..I feel like I can no longer keep my life togethere. Everything seems to be ripping at the seems all at once. I just recently broke up with my girlfriend of four years, now I'm not hurt about that because it was an unhealthy relationship. I lost a lot of friends and lately I have been stuck in my room feeling sorry for my self. I have been slowly giving up doing class/Hw for college. I haven't been putting any effort into anything i do. I just feel like giving up, I know I have live for and I don't wanna die, I want to live busty I just can't pick myself up from the the the ground. all i want to do is sit in a corner. Pathetic i know, i just cant seem to get motivation. The only thing that seems to work is listen to music but even then i get the feeling of giving up. some advice please
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i feel the same way...for almost four years of setting here in this cubicle, i feel i have been into depression all alone. More or less, its not only four years but i think i have been pathetic ever since when I was young...I don't know how to figure things out especially now that I am trying to keep myself together out of impulsive decision making. However, i would share to you an advice that some people do gave me. You need to get out from that thinking as much as possible and think of an hobby that you really love to do, and then do it. Distract yourself from thinking negative things with things that is beneficial to you...or else have fun. Go out with your friends, sing, play, give more time having fun! ^_^

Thanks Eureka85, what you said is absolutely true, I feel a little better, I have to start being more positive

i feel relieve when you said that...try to live!

I can't believe how fast I turned everything around, I feel a thousand times better!

how did you do it? what step did you made first?

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