I Am Trying

There has been so many changes and i am trying to keep it all together. on the surface everyone see's a girl who has it planned out . on the inside im screaming to be let out .that i can just slip and fall and let someone else clean up the mess. All the moving and working more hours then i can count and realizing i have let my dreams go the things i struggled to keep have all up and left. I know everyone goes through their ups and downs but i feel like mine just keep piling up that eventually their going to overtake me. i dont want to give up on my dreams but being keeping up with them has become impossible . I have to work to have the money to go to school so i can have a better future but for now everything is overwhelming . I have went out seeking to feel better but ultimately feel like i have already lost the battle . My recent break up with my fiancee really messed up life because i gave up so much and the split was so hard that even seven months later it is affecting me.
lilkaratepunk lilkaratepunk
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 13, 2012

I understand, I've been going through things similar to you. What has been getting me through is realizing I'm human and I can only do so much (which was difficult, I am very hard on myself and have even higher expectations of myself). You are one person and you can't do ten thousand things at once, even though you may think differently, and that is perfectly fine, you don't have to. You have a lot on your plate right now, but we all know the faster you eat and the bigger the bites you take just leads to a stomach ache. Try taking some time for yourself (even if it's just long enough to rant on EP) everyday, clear your mind. Write stories on here and then go back and reflect on them, see how you progress or things you still need to work on, whatever works for you. Refocus on what makes YOU happy and then come up with steps to make your dreams happen.

I believe you can accomplish your dreams, you just have to let yourself shine again. Take a breath and keep moving (for YOU).

Thankyou it is what I'm trying to do not use this site as a crutch but allow it to go out.