My boyfriend of 9 months just moved to Turkey for an exchange a week ago. I knew he was leaving from the first day we started dating, but as the date got closer and closer I started kind of panicking. The day he left I was incapacitated, I couldn't eat or sleep. We decided not to do long distance, but I still love him and I think he still loves me, although we can't say it to each other any more. He's my best friend and all I could ask for in a guy.

After a few days I thought I was okay. I felt happy. I'm fairly popular and good looking and already had a few guys lining up, which was exciting at first.

The problem is that I didn't stay happy. I've been crying every night now, talking to guys feels awful because I'm in love with someone else, I've been leading this one guy along, which I feel guilty about, and my best girlfriend has decided to pick this particular moment to be grumpy and bitchy to me everyday.

On the surface I seem happy. I am on student council, in the top of my class, have a lot of friends, and always seem excited, but I'm falling apart on the inside.

Now that my bf and best friend moved away I have no one to talk to, I find it hard to trust people with my problems, and I feel like I need to keep up with appearances. I work so hard in my life to achieve what is expected of me, and it's hard for me to ask people for help. It took me 3 months after we started dating to let my now ex-boyfriend into my life and 3 more to be able to tell him my more deeper fears. We talk when we can, but it's not the same

I'm scared to show any weaknesses, but I need help.
xpetrichorx xpetrichorx
18-21, F
Sep 25, 2012