Recently, a very good and trusted friend reminded me of a truth that I had forgotten: We are not our possessions, our job, house, spouse, or family. We are separate from all of that. We have an intrinsic value that we often forget to appreciate within ourselves.
We have a unique value because we are who we are. Too often we try to create our identity that is based on our accomplishments - measured by what we have. It makes sense in a way: our present material situation will speak of our past, our ambition, and - in some ways - our dreams. We collect the brass rings as we whirl around (sorry to be so cliche), and pile them up for everyone to see. "This is me", we say and believe.
But we too soon forget who we are when we define ourselves in that way. Possessions, jobs, homes, spouses may not be there tomorrow. Then what do we do? We end up drifting in a miasma of doubt, fear, and confusion. We don't know who we are, what we are, or which way to go with our life. We focus on the losses and we mourn...sometimes we forget to stop mourning. We can easily start slipping down into self-pity.
Remembering WHO we are is remembering the person who achieved. And with a little self-parenting, we will achieve again - maybe greater than before.
So, as I struggle to hold myself together, I will keep reminding myself that the littlest spark of me that remains is enough to build my new world with me in it.
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

So true!

It is true. I hope that I can someday take my own advice.
Thank you.