I feel so alone at the moment after recently discovering my husband is in love with someone else that he met on this site.

My marriage is now failing and he can't leave her alone even though he said he didn't ever plan on leaving me.

I just feel like I am in constant competition with her and feel like a failure.

Maybe I should just give up fighting now as she seems to have won.
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

I have been there. Do you have children, money of your own, friends or family whom you trust and would help? Why do you want to stay? Talk to him. Lay it down. It's you or her. You will leave. If he's going to have a girlfriend you will have a boyfriend if you stay. Before laying it on the line. Call an attorney. Some give free consultations. Others charge a nominal fee 25-50. Do this even if you don't plan on taking that route. I called an attorney the day I found out. I was told that our state did not recognize alienation of affection or adultery. He did tell me that I would most likely be able to take kids out of state. My h was mad that I had spoken to atty but cut off communication with her that day. If he is abusive, you should also contact a women's shelter. If you do stay, even if you work things out, open your own savings account and put a little but of money in every month even if its just five or ten dollars.