I feel empty and lonely this morning again
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Do you like tea? I love it, and I find it picks me up enough and soothes me without having too many of the downsides you'd get with coffee. Doesn't make me shaky or give me anxiety for example.
Have you tried maybe calling someone or meeting up in person as well? Texting and IM are good and all, but I find it just makes me feel more lonely without a voice behind them.
But if you need, you could message me if you want, if it'll help. :) I don't mind.

hugs message me if you want


Your welcome,

You are NOT alone in this. Hugs my friend.

Thankyou hun you are kind

i don't mean to promote my own blog. but i hope my new entry will help u get through life. some people had it much better but many had it much worst.

yourenot alone

I know but i had to write it anyway

I appreciate your thought thanks

atleast you wrote something better then nothing I guess

Thanks its really nice of u

hell I relate to you


I wish I could see your smile I've got a thing for older women ;) sorry to offend.

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