4 months ago I finally took the plunge to start my own business. I have wanted to be an entrepreneur for years. I am working full time from home trying to launch my business. At first everything was moving along so well but in the last few weeks I've stalled. I'm usually a very confident and social person. Lately I can't seem to get motivated. I'm so close to achieving what I've always wanted and yet I get overwhelmed by fear that I'm making the wrong choices. Even relatively small choices feel overwhelming so I find myself procrastinating and avoiding decision making. Making decisions has never been an issue before. On top of this I feel very lonely. I spend so much time alone with my thoughts it only feeds on this negativity that has developed. I have a supportive network of friends and family but they are all busy with their own lives. I have a hard time telling them how things are really going.

I'm not really sure what I'm hoping to get out of this as I am new to EP but I figure motivation can come from the most random experiences.
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1 Response Aug 19, 2014

two years ago i started my business, i had no prior experience nor connections but when i first decided to go ahead with it, i told myself one thing NO MATTER WHAT I WILL MAKE THIS WORK. At first it was extremely hard, no one was willing to offer me credit, then when i finally got myself some finances the problem was to buy the right stuff. I m in interior business, in my country its mostly the cheap stuff that gets sold but i wanted to be different (i named my company A BIT DIFFERENT) so i got the most expensive materials that were available.. At first it seemed that i had made a huge mistake because there wasnt a market for such products but then i kept my hopes high and marketted my products thru social media and online advertising sites( i didnt had money so i had to rely on free marketting) slowly i started to make a ripple in the market and today i m one of the leading brands in my area, hopefully by the end of this decade ill be one of the leading brands in the continent........ The key to success in business is being sure of yourself, no matter what happens never loose hope and always remember that HIGHER THE RISK HIGHER THE REWARD