I Have Alife Changing Situation

I am losing vision. Slowlie, dailie. What I used to see isn't the wai I remember it.

I adjust the life I lead to it's new meaning.

So how do u cope?

Reach out to others. Take ur experinces and tri to help others who r starting to experience.

Learn to live with the gifts that u have. Mai be it wasn't what it was and mai be u have to reconstruct ur dreams.

But live is livable.

 am willing to listen if someone wants to talk.

I won't offer opinions unless asked.

retiredfather retiredfather
61-65, M
1 Response Feb 14, 2010

U use other things beside ur sight. Ur memorie, sense of smell, sense of hearing and common sense.<br />
<br />
U learn to laugh at urself. I walk into walls, mi balance isn't as good as it was. I misplace stuff.<br />
<br />
The important thing is to learn to adjust and keep going.<br />
<br />
How are u?