Stop Panic Attacks Without Medication

Since I started blogging about my panic experiences and how I overcame them, one of the things I get asked about most is whether or not I had to take meds. And the answer is yes, for a while I did. But regardless of whether you have to take them for a while, just know that curing panic attacks and agoraphobia is all in you. You're 100% capable of doing it. I know it's difficult, but a life free of panic and fear is possible, just hang in there, life will get so much better when this terrible period is behind you.

Having said that, I should say that this is just my personal experience and in no way should it be used in place of professional medical advice. What I did, worked for me, and my advice can serve to give you ideas of whats possible, but use your judgment. Second, If you're taking medication, only stop taking it when both you and your doctor feel it's appropriate.

Now back to the question at hand, the answer is yes. In fact, I believe from what I've seen in myself and others, that it's the only way to stop panic attacks once and for all. The reason being simply that medication is a crutch, sure it may help you settle down, especially in the beginning, when you just can't get your mind to sit still. I remember, feeling like I was going to explode when I first found myself in a near permanent panic state. I don't mean an occasional panic attack, that's how things started out of course, but by the time it had reached its peak, I was in panic attack mode nearly 24/7. Seriously, completel hysteria, I don't think I would have been possible for me to overcome my panic and agoraphobia at that time. I couldn't even think straight cause my mind felt so out of whack, let alone rationalize things out! Something had to be done, just to stabilize me.

During the first year or so I was put on xanax and antidepressants. Did I like it? No, but I really feel that at that time it was necessary. I spent about a year or so, alternating between different medications, never truly at peace but at least able to function. But after a certain point, I came to the conclusion that I hated having this crutch, I hated the way the meds made me feel, I absolutely wasn't about to live the rest of my life continually putting chemicals into my body! So, over the course of a few weeks, maybe a month or two, I slowly weaned myself off of them. Life felt so miserable, and I'm sure that me knowing that I was coming off the meds made it worse. Panic attacks are all in the mind, I bet if someone had started feeding me placebos, I wouldn't even have noticed.

I continued struggling with my conditions for years. Some days were better than others, sometimes two steps forward, one back and sadly sometimes one step forward and two or three steps back, till eventually I did manage to overcome my panic through learning the right mental attitude. But every bit of improvement that I made was mine, not the medication's. That's something I remember feeling so proud of, then and now. Beating panic attacks and agoraphobia is a mental game, and small victories are important. When you feel that you've made some progress and you know you've done it on your own, that's something to be proud of, even if sometimes we need a bit of a crutch in the beginning, the goal is to make it to the finish line on our own. And with the right mental attitude, the finish line is in sight, you just have to hang in there, life will get sooooo much better when it's all over.

I hope that little bit of info helps. I also have a blog that I keep to chronicle how I overcame my panic attacks and agoraphobia in case anyone one would like to check it out. Not sure if I can post links on this forum but it’s (Live-Panic-Free) followed by “Dot” and the usual 3 characters you find at the end of a site.
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Thank you for posting your story,I to have had panic attacks recently and in the past.I've tried to ride them out,I have medication to take if it get's the better of me.But! some days it dose.I received a small info book from my doctor about panic attacks written in a comic form called IT!(panic attacks)it was a good insight into the attacks.

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it and I really hope things work out for you!