So, for years now I have been struggling to cope with depression, I was actually diagnosed at 15 and still struggling, things haven't gotten easier. What started it was my relationship with my mum, if you could call it that, when I used to stay with her I was neglected and she was out of her head on drugs almost all the time,going home was the best part of weekends. Then bullying all through school. Loneliness. Self hate. Sexual Abuse by someone I trusted caused my depression to get worse. I still struggle with it and have recently learnt I have a STD, I had been having troubles for a while and as it had got too painful I went to get it sorted, turns out it could be from then considering the time period its lasted. Honestly, I feel disgusting, angry, upset and well worse, but although I feel like recovery may be pointless I have realized I CAN get through this,however it depends on how I feel which can ruin things,but with the right people I could be ok,right? Can't help feeling alone in this though :(
littlewozit18 littlewozit18
22-25, F
Aug 23, 2014