I Used To Struggle With Being Bi.

I read all about people hating gays and bisexual people. I know that society thinks of it as being deviant, but in a mans world society also thinks that being a woman is deviant. I came out of the closet twice. the first time was in adult high school. My sexuality teacher was having a lecture about gays and bi , lesbians and transgendered people. After class my friend asked me why are you prejudiced against gay people. I told her that I wasn't. She kept asking the same question, so eventually I told her that I was not prejudice because I am bisexual. Well it was a small room and it did not take long for the school to hear that I was bi. I was not the most popular guy in school, but no one put me down for being bisexual. That was in Montreal.
Next, I moved back to Alberta and I got a job as a butcher. Mostly guys work as butchers and it can be a fairly macho environment. I hinted about my sexual orientation, but some of the guys told me that being gay or bi in there country meant they were prejudiced against them. I struggled with it because I wanted to be out of the closet. finally I told a few of them that I was bi. then a few more in the following days, until one day we were talking about gays at the lunch table and I told them that I was bi. I expected the worst, but every one treated me the same as they did before. It is good because i joined a couple of gay groups and we do all kinds of things together, like karaoke, dances or BBQ's, river rafting (tubing), bowling or gay movie nights. I can tell them all about it and not have to worry about keeping any secrets. I am going river tubing next week and I can hardly wait. I think that it is the fear of what others will think of you that's the part we struggle with the most. The prejudiced things we here with the guys or the gay put down jokes we here along with media reports of gay bashing ads up until we are freaked out. I wear all kinds of gay badges around and I hardly hear any one putting me down.
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I am truly sorry that some people have trouble coming out as gay or bi. I guess that you have to make up your own mind how you will be treated if you come out as gay. Good luck from lil sisy p wimp.