Not Ready

Well, I thought that I was ready to start a relationship...but I am not. A lot of things have happen in my life so quickly and I feel I need to slow down.  Probably, as I move on I need sometime by myself to figure things out.  I need to allow myself the chance to date, not hook ups, and give myself the chance to fall in love again, find myself again. I come out of a 22-year marriage. A lot of me was absorbed by the "us"...I lost myself. If I jump into a new relationship I won't allow myself the chance to rediscover the great person that I can be, funny, caring, fun to be around. Relationships take work. And I need time to work on myself first. 
Ralphsnt69 Ralphsnt69
51-55, M
4 Responses Aug 16, 2012

Take your own time.

I echo the sentiments of the others. There's time to find out what you really want in life before making a commitment.

I believe that this is a very wise decision. There's no sense in rushing things. <br />
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22 years as a couple is a long time and you need to regain some measure of independence. It's exciting rediscovering yourself - or maybe, discovering yourself for the first time.<br />
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As for me - I'm ready.

I think that's the right move to make. No move at all. At least with someone else. For now I mean. Find yourself. It may have gotten watered down after so many years in a couple. Find those fizzy bubbles and bring them back to life. Then you can start pouring rounds.