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hey i'm from colombia... i'm not out of the closet yet. i used to hate being gay but i started to watch this videos in youtube about ''coming out stories'' and ''it gets better'', and i started to accept myself, now i want to come out but i'm a little afraid, i'm going to come out to my mum first then to my two best friends who are guys and straight, so i'm concerned of what they would think obout it, but we are like brothers so i think they will accept me for what i am... if you are struggling with being gay too i really recommend you to watch those videos and tv series and movies with gay characters ... i'm gonna make a video about my coming out story, because i really think that helps ... i dont know what else to to tell you, i just wanted to share some thoughts... sorry for my bad english... have a nice day :D
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1 Response Sep 10, 2012

Don't worry about accepting your sexuality. In time you will find the right moment to tell your friends and family. I don't know how acceptable being gay is in Colombia, but hope you will also find comfort in the new friends that you will make :)