Straight Acting Gay Dudes

struggling with being gay is on and off for me... There was a man that i met this weekend. I don't know if he was straight or not but he came on to me. I was dancing alone and he came up to me, started dancing with me... he put his arms around me and held my hand. Then we started dancing around in front of everyone. He tried to drop me and catch me but we were but kind of drunk lol. I don't know if he was just drunk and didn't care. But i think he knew i was gay, everyone in the room did lol. I don't know, i hate when these situations happen to me. He is such a funny and handsome guy. But i don't want to scare him away, if i find out he is straight, then i usually leave them alone. We also hugged alot that night and i started rubbing up and down his back. When i was about to go to bed, he asked if i wanted to get fcukd in the but lol. He said that in front of everyone and it was kind of loud. I wanted to say yes but i couldn't figure him out. lol sometimes i hate striaght acting gay guys. He then later came to where i passed out and tried to wake me up but i was way out of it. I held my head and touched my face gently. I wonder if i will see him again. I can't stop thinking about him, it was only one night, and we didn't even do much. i guess i get attached to people way too easy.
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that was the most cutiest story i have ever read omg

craigslist missed connections? haha

i keep being gay a secret. if you were to meet me you would have no clue that im a **********. im one of those straight acting gay dudes. it sounds to me like he was in fact gay or atleast bicurious. he put a move on you the same way a straight man would do with a woman. you missed out buddy

Be careful...especially when alcohol is involved. I had a similar experience and ended up with a drunken room mate for about 6 months. I felt dirty and unhappy and that experience has kept me from what might have been some good experiences. Have fun... but just be careful.