I Got A Glimpse Into What I Want In The Future

So at my university we have a weekend when 7th grade - seniors in high school come and if we choose we can house some of them in our dorm. My roommate had some guys (two seniors and one freshman) from his church coming to stay with us for the weekend. I was a little skeptical about what they would be like because my roommate is a basketball player and you know how those guys can be sometimes. I never played sports aside from just for fun, so I didn't know if they were going to actually talk to me or just do their own thing. When I met them they were actually really nice, and not to hard on the eyes if ya know what I mean. I am a sophomore this year in college so there is about a two year age difference, and a five year difference. And as far as we all know they are pretty darn straight. 

So there are five of us in the room and only two beds. Only one, the freshman, brought his sleeping bag. The first night my roommate and one of the seniors shared his twin bed and since I didn't want to make anything awkward although it would have been fine with me, the other slept on the floor with his snuggie, and I gave him one of the eggshell foam pads off of my bed. He told me he may jump up in bed with me in the middle of the night but he didn't.

The next day we all hung out together and it was a lot of fun. We played basketball for a few hours. We went and watched a rugby game and just relaxed. Our personalities all clicked really well and I already feel like we are really close.That night we were all making penis jokes, rating girls, doing guy things guys do. For some reason the two seniors started talking about their own penises and they were saying how small they were. At this point in time I knew they had to be just messing around because we had all already gotten into our boxers and they were obviously at least average (of course I checked :) ). They apparently had examined each other's **** before because one was talking about how saggy the other's nuts were and they hang way down below his shaft. I was really shocked at why we were having this conversation and then they both pulled out their penises and were showing us. I was seriously having to talk myself out of having a *****. They were both 17-18 year olds pulling out their penises 5 feet away from me and we were all in our underwear. They kept talking and saying see look at his nuts. I am on autopilot laughing, nodding, and acting like I am paying attention as I felt myself get a little light headed, my heart rate pick up and feel my moist, warm, thick, penis slowly start to swell up with blood. I felt like I could barely breathe. I could have sworn that the room had raised 10 degrees as I felt myself start to get clammy and little trickles of sweat started to form on my forehead. Oh the things I wanted to do, but knew I never could with them or anyone else.

I had to escape fast before things got awkward so I told them I had to go pee to calm myself down and hoped they had their rods put away. I came back out to the room and we were getting ready to go to bed. My roommate and his friend slept together again, and the freshman slept on the floor. I told the other senior to just jump in bed with me cause I needed a "snuggle buddy" to keep me warm (which we do keep our room really cold at night) and he happily accepted.. My "snuggle buddy" brought his snuggie with him and I scooted over to the inside against the wall and he hopped on the bed. We all talked for a while in our twin XL beds. I was way to horny now to sleep. I watched as everyone slowly drifted off to sleep. Eventually my "snuggle buddy" turned his beautifully rounded butt towards me. I took my blankets and draped it over the both of us. Before moving closer to him I could already feel the heat radiating from his butt and groin. I placed my arm on him as if I had just stretched it out to check and see how heavy of a sleeper he was. He never moved at all so I proceeded to scoot closer and spooned him. I first ran my fingers gently up his luscious *** between his cheeks. I slowly moved in and lined my **** up right with his butt crack. I literally had it pushed on him. Once againI had never felt anyone make so much heat. It was like my **** melted as I arched my pelvis into him. I reached my arm around him low at his waist. Had I moved any lower I would have been rubbing the base of his shaft, which I was sure would wake him up. My **** grew. It was probably harder than it has ever been before. I could feel it fit between his cheeks like a hot dog in a bun. I was in heaven. I just laid there. My thoughts were racing.

Some time later, time flew by and I never fell asleep. He turned over to his back and his arm thrust across me and he had me pinned up against the wall. I moved his arm and he still didn't wake up. I didn't have much room to move so I angled inward and put my arm across his torso. I thought to myself about how badly I wanted to grab his package. I have never squeezed boobs, touched a vag, or touched a package before. I pushed hard down on his torso to test him. He still never woke up. So I moved around and moved my arm off of him. My heart raced, my forehead started dripping, and my **** was throbbing really hard. I could feel my nuts tense up and start to tingle. Then I moved my arm again on top of him lower this time and I gently caressed my hand around his **** and thick, hot nuts. I could feel the gentle looseness, and every juicy curve of his beautiful package. As I made contact I could feel the precum squeeze out of my urethra. Once he started to move a little I immediately jumped up and went to the bathroom. I jacked off my starving penis for only a minute before I exploded my *** all over myself. Then I rubbed it all over my nipples and wiped it up and drizzled it into my mouth. I sucked up every last hot juicy drop. After I cleaned up with a wash cloth I went and climbed back in bed with my snuggle buddy and we spooned the rest of the night. My dream is to one day just to have a man to sleep next to at night and cuddle with. I don't want to have sex, though it is very tempting. I just want to have someone to hold.I never fell asleep, I was too horny to sleep and we all got up the next morning around eight and no one found out what had happened late that night. Now every night I wish I had someone to cuddle up close with, someone to keep me warm, and someone to hold.
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Wow, that is a hot story, reminds me when I was your age. Mine was a surfer being I lived on the beach back then.

could you be my snuggle buddy

That made the precum start dripping out of my ****

This thread is called "I am struggling with being gay" and not "I struggled with a gay" nice story :-D

And you really feel he had no idea of what you were up to???

fantastic story...made me so hot and hard..thanks

you will find that right some one. I love to spoon with that special guy. makes the night so much better.

Makes you feel so loved, secure, comforted, complete... it's amazing...

Very HOT! Would love to snuggle, but I have to warn you I may not have as much self control!

do you know how hot that was. I would probably do the same thing, try to run away from that temptation. I know that kind of feeling. I had shared that similar experience.

I know the feeling mate. But wiv my luck I know I've a better chance of wanting a cheese sandwich cos that's all I'm likely to get.

Welcome to the club! Lol

Sorry, I didn't realize how long it was!

AWWW JEEEZ!! I just fell of me stool laughing. :-)

Lol I should write a book!