right now im thinking of coming out to my cousin im so scared and nervous...ugh i cant breath

tomtombear tomtombear
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haha this is such an old story. I actually came out years ago and my family knows and loves me and i have a boy friend in the bay area in CA. I live on my own and im very happy being out. I walk down the street holding his hand and kissing him hear and their. By no means do i shout out being gay.. but i dont shout out being straight either :) Dont put other people down in the hope of making yourself feel better

Awww, sweet! Looks like you got it sorted now. I just saw the date at first, didn't checkout the year....
Here's one happy, self respectin dude folks: take a bow.

It's okay to feel this way. Even right now feeling this way you are being brave. You have reached a very profound realization. So many will never come to this point. Whether or not your cousin accepts you, it's you that has completed this journey. Let go, friend. breathe. Be.

It's over! You can breathe now!