I Came Out Today

It had to have been one of the scarriest things ive ever done. I sat down next to my cousin and told her i needed to talk to her. i said that your probably one  of he only people i can trust with this and ill understand if you dont whant to talk to me again. I stated to say it but i got scarred and pozed and then i said im gay. i cant believe she said this. " i know"  I was so scarred and freaked out and she said i know. she siad ya michelle(my aunt) already knows we figured that u were because u were so homaphobic about everything.

i cant believe she understood

tomtombear tomtombear
18-21, M
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i'm taken, but you're a cute guy, don't settle for less, love yourself, have respect, don't be easy, be a role model, and soon you'll also be 'taken'.

good for you, i came out to my brother, i have no regrets.

You got the honesty you got the support you got the principles and the folk you need respect you all the more for that. Good on yer, lad :)

Welcome to a whole new world of self discovery.... you will find out who really loves and cares about you and they will become your allies in life.... congrats..

Right on. Must feel a weight has been lifted.

I'm really happy for you :) <br />
<br />
It takes alot of guts to do what you just did , your a very brave person . <br />
<br />
I'm so happy she took it that way it must of been such a rush !!

AWwwh im happy for you to feel supported in your family :)

People who are homophobic tend to define us solely by our orientation, but we are far more than "just" people who like people of the same gender. We are brothers, sons, friends, partners, employees, students, artists, athletes, hobbyists and so forth. You have a giant community of brothers and sisters here in the gay community, tomtombear. It gets a little easier each time you tell people. Take your time and be proud of yourself for having the courage to honor this part of you. No one says you have to march in the parade and display the rainbow flag and let the whole world know. It's natural to fear losing people who can't handle that we're gay, but at the same time, you have a whole brotherhood (and sisterhood in my case) of people who will back you up. Congrats and welcome to the family! Don't ever stop honoring who you are in all ways.

Best of luck to you on your new journey in life. Being loved & accepted is what we all want, sounds like you have that with this cousin. Be true to yourself.

Most close family can tell and are probably relieved for you......well done for being your true authentic self.<br />