I'm Comfortable With It, But I Struggle With Coming Out

I've told my friends and they have all accepted that I am gay, thank goodness. I feel like my friends, and even some teachers, are more of a family to me than my own biological family. My parents, well I tried to tell them, but they simply won't accept it. I have no idea to tell my little brother, but I suspect he thinks I am gay, though we don't really talk about it. He's heard rumors at school, and brings it up sometimes, at which point my parents yell at me, but everyone forgets. My biggest problem is my maternal grandma. I wish I could tell her because we are so close, and I think she is suspicious because I've never had a girlfriend (obviously I don't want to) and she is always talking about when I "will have a girlfriend" etc. But she is a very religious Baptist, and has said bad things about LGBT people before. However, recently, she has been watching shows like Degrassi and Days of Our Lives, both of which I watch, and they both have storylines involving LGBT characters, and she seems to be a bit more accepting. Either way, I'm still nervous. She's not so religious that she thinks I'm going to hell because I'm Jewish, she simply doesn't believe that. But I'm scared of how she would act if she found out. I'm not sure I'd ever come out to her, but I also get the feeling that she is suspicious. I don't know what to do...
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

It's been more years than I'd like to admit since I overcame the biggest hurdle of all:Coming out to myself! You are the best judge of how your friends and relatives will handle your "admission",so the best thing that IU can tell you is to pay attention to those feelings. Though it was an unspoken of subject between me and my parents,after my first relationship ended,after 7 yrs,when I introduced my father to my new lover(now of 33yrs) he told me:"He seems like a more sensible guy and I'm sure that you two will be happy together. As a p.s.,I too "came out" to a straight girl whom I worked with and after feeling the relief after THAT happened,I felt empowered enough to decide just who I would ALLOW to share that most private part of my life. Tshirtbob

Thanks for the advice! I'm glad that you are now comfortable with yourself.