I Hate Being Gay Sometimes

I'm gay of course, but sometimes i hate being gay. it affects evryone around me. last weekend i went to a party, i knew only one 2 guys over there. the other people found out i was gay, and they started makn fun of me. my friends just found out about it and they were so pissed off. they got their guns and weapons ready for payback. i appericate all their help backin me up but i don't want them getting into trouble just for me. tonight they got all their guns ready, and were so pissed off about them talking **** that i was gay. my brothers, were especially piseed off. i love my friensd for backing me up but i don't want them to get in trouble. there was at least 20 guys ready for war, i had to calm evryone down. I love my friends for backing me up but sometimes they go way too far. i feel like my lifestyle is bring them down. I don't know what to do, they are really pissed off. I tried to calm them down, but i'm only one person. Everone wants payback and my friends are really crazy sometimes. Even the females want to do someting. I'm really worried about what they are going to do. I feel like being gay, makes so much trouble for everyone else. I don't care if people make fun of me, but my friends are really angry. sometimes i wish i wasn't gay because of all the bullshit that my friends have to go through. I don't want anything bad to happen to anyone, but my best friend said he is going to do something whenever he sees those guys. any advide will help me out.
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I see this post is quite old but after reading it I fell like I must respond. So you want some advise? Here is my advise! Stop taking drugs! I mean it. Are you serious? "they got their guns and weapons ready for payback". It seems too much fantasy has unhinged your brain from reallity. Either that or you are taking people for fools. Really? You have a lot of friends that posses guns and they are ready to go to war? What video games have you been playing lately? It might be a good idea to take a break.

be proud of who you are all my friends an family found out it was gay at a party it was so embarrassing but i grew to figure out im tre an im gay an proud

Ya I get what you mean. Sometimes I feel like being gay makes other guys uncomfortable around me. And I hate knowing that I am the reason they can't be at ease.