It's Hell Of A Fight

It's hell of a fight. Being gay isn't easy these days. Have people around who supports you and accept you for who you are, are hard to find. Most of people rather go with crowd. I haven't told anyone yet about myself. I'm just not ready them to know. But my family is complicated. I'm not sure if they would handle it. We're kind of religious family. Talking objectively. My aunts, cousins, uncles, they all go on sunday morning to the church.Well, not only sundays. My family doesn't. Speaking of brother,sister, mom or dad. But I'm still not sure how'd they handle it neither. I'd love to have somebody who I can talk to about everything. Gay stuff, usual stuff. Anything. I tried few forums but everywhere are the same type of guys. Horny ones. So, I'm still continuing in my search and hopefully meet somebody. If you'd like to talk to somebody you can message me :) I'll be glad :)
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fight it.. being like that is a sin. devil's trick to tell us its ok.. but the truth is.... it was unforgivable .....
love JESUS.. he is the way to change you and set you totally free.... read his scriptures about his creations and you will see...

we are all children of GOD. we must obey his words.
he LOVE US more than we ever know....

always remember his promise. the life after death only proceeds in to two different outlets..

either the,

my brothers... i understand the situation. but always remember that JESUS-GOD will ALWAYS make a way to let us cope with these trials...

Everyone has a right to their opinions, but should never force their opinion to become someone else's belief. If there is an ultimate creator out there, that means we were created to be Gay and to live as gay individuals. Not to be untruthful to ourselves.

I cannot believe you even said that how dare you comment on another person's life story and attempt to seek acceptance and understanding with such disrespectful and ugly words. You don't like same sex couples well that's your business but deliberately commenting and telling someone to change their life and ways, according to how you deem they should live. Disgusting that is what you are.

The arrogance people seem to think they can get away with spouting in gods name truly knows no bounds. Religion is a bronze aged cage that causes homosexuals world-wide to go through never ending struggle and personal hardship and being forever torn between being true to they are as a perso, and being deemed as sinners in the good books.

Especially if you are born into that religion and grew up with it. I admire homosexuals so much for their courage in having been forced into that situation. You have no right or decency to demean their struggle with it and judge anyone based on their sexual orientation. The bible also says judge not least ye be judged, so how about you go contemplate that in a religious group on here so we don't have to listen to such vitriol any further

I agree that having man to man sex is sinful and wrong, but I am very much into it and love it ALOT. I have been having sex with other men since 1998 and still have issues with it but I just keep going back to being with other men sexually. Man to man sex is just so intense and powerful!

I can't say I disagree with your opinion of it being a sin. I have lived almost 28 years now and 19-20 of them knew I was attracted to guys. I also felt a lot of guilt when I have in.

I do not agree with unforgivable sin however. There is no sin that God cannot forgive. The issue I have is also when you state "JESUS-GOD will ALWAYS make a way to let us cope with these trials..." So far I do not agree. I believe anything I have done was so I could survive. Relying souly on him and I would have just ended my life. There seems to be too much sin in this world for God to intervene or something. I am not saying all Scripture it's not God breathed, but it's truth shining through in today's culture and his workings within it seem less present than I would like to see.

One other thing, Do you struggle with this? With homosexuality? Can you truly attest to it setting someone free? Even those who claim to be set free most often admit to homosexual temptations. That is not freedom.

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I am in a similar situation. I haven't told anyone about being gay as I cannot full trust anyone with this information. Also, I feel the same about certain forums, I see a lot of horny guys that just want to hook up and no one that wants to talk. Shoot me a message anytime you want to talk or vent about anything. I might just take you up on your offer to be messaged anytime I feel like I need to talk to someone. Thank you

I have been gay all my life and it was a struggle for many years until one day i realized that I was gay because that's the way our Creator wanted me to be. We are all created exactly the way we were intended to be. All of us are given a unique set of circumstances to live with and experience. I spoke with a clergyman a few years ago who told me it was his opinion that perhaps only one person in the whole world each day is condemned to hell and the reason for this is because the person was thoroughly evil. Please be assured that no one will be condemned for their sexuality whether it be ************, homosexuality, transvestism, transsexualism or any other similar difference from the "norm". Don't let the so called religious people make you life miserable because if truth were known many of them are hypocrites about sexuality including many clergymen as is revealed in the newspapers all the time. I don't know where you live but it would be good for you to live in a place that is more accepting of gay people and acknowledges them as the good and honorable people most of us are. Any of the coastal cities of California would be a good place for you. Also, please plan to continue your education if you are not already doing so. There are many colleges and universities in California that are very accepting of gays and lesbians. It is important that you break from the negative influence of your family even if this will be difficult for u. I was born in Indiana and lived there until I was 18 and had a family much like yours. As soon as I could, I left that horrrble ignorant Hoosier environment and went to Chicago where things went much smoother for me. I was there until I was 38 and now live in California for 32 years. I can't say any of it has been heaven, but in both of these places I found many others like me and clubs and organizations and churches with like minded people who understand the truth about these so-called "sex sins". I hope something I've said here can help u live a better and more comfortable life without the self torture and self condemnation I experienced when I was young. All the best to you my dear young friend. If you want someone to chat with privately, please add me to your circle. I'm not trying to seduce you, I only want to say things to you that are helpful. If I could be of any help to you, it would certainly enrich my life too.