The Tale Of A Male ********.

I used to ***** in a night club because i always felt attracted to males. Also i was a good for nothing ******* who.needed a job,, so i decided to ***** and have sex with guys for money. Personally i made more money in the ***** club then i am at school teaching these stupid highschoolers. I miss having to ***** my underwear off and rubbing my penis against other guys. I miss making 500+ dollars a night by being a male prostitute. I wish i could go back to stripping and having gay sex. All i can do now is watch gay **** and just fantasize. Anyways , if any of u gay men are interested i am available every night, my name is Michael Mangerlli and i was a proud ******** and male prostitute. I hate being a teacher and someday i might srip in the middle.of.class
michaelmangerelli michaelmangerelli
26-30, M
1 Response Jan 23, 2013

LOL don't do that they'll throw your *** in jail, and you will have some new boyfriends that you won't want. Would love to see some pics,