Forgiveness And Reconciliation: The

note: When a person holds resentment toward another, they are bound to that person or condition by an strong emotional link. Forgiveness and reconciliation is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.
To complete the process of forgiveness there must also be a reconciliation: to restore relations, a step sometimes forgotten by the forgivers.

Forgiveness and Reconciliation: the
Road to Salvation
Orlando Lujan Martinez IWAA

One of the ways to salvation is in the commandment. "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself" Matthew 22:34-40. It is the path to salvation.
When Daniel moved into the apartment complex where I live he was to me the neighbor of "love thy neighbor as thyself." We exchanged gifts of food and talked about the things that he study at Hobart University.
One day Daniel said he would give me twenty five dollars a month if I would rent him part of my storage space. I told him I didn't need the money and we agreed that he would pay the rent to the Humane Society of New Mexico, in my name. Daniel moved his stuff into my storage area. I trusted Daniel to keep his word and be a good neighbor.
Five months later I went to the Humane Society of New Mexico and found out that Daniel had not made any donations, in my name.
My religious beliefs prevented me from being angry but I was a little perturbed because Daniel, who I thought was a good neighbor had deceived me but I forgave him immediately and my burden was lifted. Where their is forgiveness there can be no anger or hate.
I told Daniel what I had found out and he stuttered an excuse. Daniel stopped talking to me, because he blamed me for creating the situation, and would walk pass me, in the court yard, without saying a word or looking at me.
And one time Daniel was so disturbed by the sight of me that he muttered and shook his head and looked down. His sin had become a burden and thats' when I decide that I would, at the next opportunity, have a reconciliation with Daniel and lift his burden and mine.
The opportunity came a few days later when I met Daniel in the parking lot and I said," Daniel, Its time for reconciliation" and offered my hand saying, as he shook it, "How can we stand before God if we cannot forgive eachother," and then as we walked away, free from our burdens, I too felt the spiritual glow of my new freedom and It is then I received Gods blessing.
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Does this mean he still is using your storage space for free?