He Wants Me To Hurt. . . Even When I Am Pregnant!?!?!

My ex fiancee wants to work it out with me and start going to church. This is peculiar as he has had over 6 additional sex partners in less than 6 months along with me behind my back and yes. . . while pregnant. Surprised? Don't be. The thought of diseases did not cross his mind, hurting my heart did not matter (even though he has my name tatted on his heart), telling his exes he is in love them is suitable as well i suppose, telling the world how cruel i am is his new found pity party, calling me simple-minded for not agreeing with him is accurate apparently, wondering "Why did i choose her" is respectable as he almost had an attack when i mentioned moving out of state with HIS CHILD IN MY STOMACH (this guy here). . . Yeah, and he still talks about me but HOPES we will work it out. Why? "She is pregnant," he says. I helped raise my twin 9 year old sisters to where they mimicked my very move to the point of me moving out of state away from them tore their heart and they even gained more weight front he depression. Little girls. My sick grandmother. Why? To move closer to him, attend school as well, and to work this family out to find out he has not only lied, he cheated and still does anything in his power to demean me despite giving up everything as if I do not go to work, go home, and sleep, and repeat the process. No clubbing, no drinking no smoking, nothing at all. He wants problems and tells every friend he knows what pictures i sent months ago, and contrasts the pictures he still sends to this very second and if you could catch me 4 years ago they would be alllllllll over this page for his convenience. He said he does not know if he loves me but her knows he still cares; I am a high risk pregnancy and makes me walk to work on 30 degree weather at 6 months of pregnancy and threatened miscarriage on 3 different occasions and even if offered gas, will do it once every 2 months but can lay up, video and sex chat with exes and random girls and send pictures to where he even misses doctor appointments. Shame. But he claims he wants me back. He has an issue with my sneakiness by looking on our phone bill and pictures and emails, well yes it was wrong but i know since he has been wanting to marry me he loves and had other escapades with other women protected and unprotected. Hell, probably all unprotected. Even promised our unborn it was no one else but tow girls he confessed and he better pray my child comes out with NO DEFORMITIES. I have the feeling if i gave him one more chance, and he broke my heart again, we will be ******* it up. That's just the reality, and you know he hates his father for lying and cheating on his mother when she had cancer??? Left him and his brother alone? Yet even compared himself to this very man. He wants another chance? Even marriage could not seal the deal with his flying tool, but wake up eery morning and ever night adn pray with one hand on my stomach and still love him. I just cannot forgive these matters as he does nothing t change or plan to change, Maybe I should say forget, because If i did not forgive him, I would no longer love him. . .
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Hey. Boys will be boys. It is time to get past the petty jealousy. You are lucky to have someone in your life who cares about you. No one is perfect.

I am so sorry to read your plight. Obviously you have some very real problems and I honestly think that you should seek some professional help to deal with them. Reading your mail, it does seem like your partner? is a control freak. And, and I am not disbelieving you, if your partner is, and does all the things you say, there can be no meaningful future together. It can only end in tears. Please, please seek professional help you owe it to yourself and your unborn child. There are legal channels you can use especially if there have been threats of violence or harm to you or your unborn child. I am sure you are none of the things that he says about you. Start to believe in yourself again and walk down the street with your head held high. You have everything to live for. God Bless and good luck. xx