On So Many Levels.

I have a hard time forgiving people, I tend to hold grudges. But I'm trying my best to forgive those who have hurt me. I'm trying to forgive my abuser. I'm trying to forgive my friend who abandoned me. I'm trying to forgive those who have bullied me online, and made fun of me in person, about things I can't change about myself. I'm trying to forgive those who ruined parts of my life. I'm trying to forgive myself....for so much. For letting myself get abused. For holding the abuse over my own head. For letting the memories run my life. I'm trying....I'm trying.

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The sooner you let go of the grudges the better you will feel. Remember the old sayings kill them with kindness and the other is keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer. It is really not worth the pain and suffering you are going through. Let it go and be HAPPY

The act of forgiveness can be extremely tough sometimes. One of the many things I've learned in my 61 years on earth this time around though, is that most people don't really understand the concept of forgiveness.<br />
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Forgiveness is all about bringing CLOSURE and making a decision to move forward. It doesn't mean that you condone the behavior of the person or persons who let you down on any number of levels, or to send a message that what they did was acceptable and that you deserved this or that, but until you can learn to forgive, the other person or persons will always remain in control of YOUR life, and that's not healthy. It also takes a LOT of emotional effort to carry around hate and animosity toward others! So when you're able to forgive (but not forget) it's means that YOU are now in complete control of your life and that YOU are the better person! :-)

wow, thanks soo much. i never thought about it that way..

You're more than welcome - glad my comments were helpful to you! :-)

I am trying to forgive people who's main goal was each to create for themselves a popular image, and who relied heavily on witt and humor. They were kind of full of it, and didn't have what I needed as a friend. I am a fellow home schooler as well! You seem cool and I am adding people I think are such tonight, so accept if you like.

I had (and still sometimes have) so much trouble forgiving too. I used to think " you live once and every bad thing done to you is can never be taken back, because you never get a second try at this life." I was really bitter and trapped in that thought. <br />
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It wasn't until I started to see that I had hurt others too and that in doing so I had grieved the God who made us all that I started understanding how to truly forgive. <br />
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I remember realizing that God had offered to pay for all the forgiveness I needed by sending Jesus to die in my place. That freed me. In a world where you only live once, someone perfect had to die to pay for all the garbage we wreck each others lives with. Once I accepted God's forgiveness for me it broke the power of my bitterness. As cliche as it sounds I felt like the chains had come off and my heart had been softened. <br />
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I pray your life becomes full of forgiveness and free from being bitter. May your soul prosper.

I know you can do it.. Let all those be a 'lesson learned' ^^

Hang in there girl! your going to be the winner in the end well done x