Past Pain

I am trying to forgive you for all the hurt you have caused. I had a feeling it was never meant to be when you started telling me that all I ever do is cry. I kept trying and trying, but you didn't want it to work. I've held on to you for too long, finally facing the fact that you've met someone else, I am swallowing my pride and trying to forgive you for all the pain you've caused. I no longer am holding on to the dream that you and I are meant to be. I've been used and abused enough. You are a liar and a user. I'm still working on forgiving you, but even more so I am working on forgiving myself for believing in you.
JasminelynnB JasminelynnB
26-30, F
2 Responses Jan 24, 2012

If you feel you must try to forgive him then go ahead. If you can't, don't get hung up on it.

You are wasting your time. People never change especially when they try to impress you and then all they do is dissappoint you. These people are not worth it. It makes sense when you say you are forgiving yourself for believing in this person. But you should know it is not your fault, you seem very kind hearted and people like you suffer alot. I am talking from experience. And believe me you have to move on, don't waste yourself and time. Move on.

I'm moving on, however I need to learn to forgive him so I can be truly happy. But thank you for all the kind things you've said. I appreciate them. :-)