A Letter to My Ex Husband

Someday you will be the person who is needing help.  Perhaps you will be disabled, elderly, re-cooperating from an illness or surgery, or even suffering from some affliction that makes even the most vital aspects of your life impossible to handle alone.  Who will be there for you?

Will your fair weather friends - or the people who rely on you now for their meal ticket?  When the easy road for them is gone, it is doubtful they will take the time to render you the kindness, compassion and love that you will desperately need.

Perhaps they will ship you off to the care of strangers in a rest home or leave you alone and unattended as they go off to enjoy life.  Perhaps they will give you the cot in the shed that you had for our son while you and your new family slept in an air conditioned camper.  They will still go on doing the things that they do now - selfishly enjoying life and only the most expensive things there are  - while other family members have to go without and live one step away from being homeless.

Someday the situation you have put your own son in will be one that you face yourself.  Now you sit in judgment - never for one moment considering that he is suffering and going through hell on earth. 

"Judge not that ye be judged.  For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged, what measure you mete it shall be measured to you again."  Matthew 7:1-7.  (how ironic that is in Matthew since that is your son - who you choose to ignore).

I can live with myself and the decision that I have made in my life.  If I become helpless, my dear family and friends will surround me and care for me.  God will provide me with all that I need.

I know my choices have been made on the basis of prayer and compassion for others.  I have asked to see things from others' point of view.  Then I do as I am lead to do in life. 

God says if you turn your back on those in need, he will turn his back on you in your time of need. 

I don't have nearly the income you have, but I can hold up a small amount and ask God to bless it.  I have the faith and trust that he will always supply what is needed.  He will lift up this mental illness in our son and shower him with many blessings.  I claim all this now in Jesus' name.

Now I ask God to eliminate the deep bitterness and anger that I have allowed into my heart because of your actions.  I ask that God bless you in your life. 

I ask that God will help me to rise above this to a higher level.  I ask that he not allow me to dwell in a life of bitterness and anger.  I ask to dwell in a life of abundance and love.


weareonespirit weareonespirit
51-55, F
1 Response May 14, 2008

I feel this pain VERY deeply- I ask God many times in prayer and reflection what did I do to deserve such cruelty from a person all I EVER did was give to in every possible way? I rescued him from homeless when I was a mere baby at 18 and him almost 10years older only for him to become wealthy near 20years later and marry another woman while still married to me leaving me to die in bad health and embezzle all our money out of our business we built to give to her and her kids? Why has God chosen to put Me on this harsh journey? I feel numb and dead inside and cry myself to sleep wondering WHY??? I went from having everything to being destitute over night with an ex who methodically planned all this for years. He used me up til there was nothing left. He really should have killed me when he left. He took everything anyway. Including my sanity. I never had anxiety issues before he did this and now Im disabled by it. I am just a shell now. And again I ask why God? Makes no sense. I love God but have serious unresolved issues.