Should Time Heal All Wounds?

When I was about 11 I was playing a game in the alley behind our house called running bases it involved throwing a baseball between two catchers while the base runners would try to run form base to another with out getting tagged out by one of teh catchers. I was playing with my borhers and some friends on anice June eveing. My older brother was one of the catchers and i one of the runners. My older was like a group leader for some of tehneighbor kids my freinds and siblings friends. His one problem ws he felt he always had to win. Even if he had to change the rules to do so. He was talking to one of his friends who dropped and was not paying too much attention to us base runners. So I tried my best to steal a base from him to show him up in front of his friends. I did steal a base and i know it annoyed him. So I tried it again. This time he decided to put me in my place as I ran toward him he stuck his foot out and tripped me I went flying head first into a cement wall. I remeber the whole world spinning. I went into the house with a head ache. The next I still felt lousy so Iwas taken tothe hospital for a skull x-ray. i was told I had a fractured skull and go home and get some rest. About a week later I was no better I was taken to the hospital. I spent a week or so in the hospital. They sent me home but I got worse. I was taken to a specailist who found out I had blod clot on the brain. They bore three holes in my head to relive the pressure. My eyes crossed things were getting worse. They wanted to do an operation but they said I was in such bad shape I had a fifty fifty chance of dying during the operation. Luckily my parents took me to another hospital where they operated and I am alive still today. My problem is my brother never admitted tripping me. I know he never meant to almost kill me but I know He did mean to hurt me.
Years went by I became friends with my borther, my wife would sometimes go to visit him and his wife at his house. But then something happened I do not know what but he turned cold towardus. Years later I got into a serious dispute with one of our brothers. (that could be another story to tell.) I exspected him to at least give me an open hearing but he took my brothers side with out even even hearing me out. Since then the old anger came and I have only talked to him once since and this was years ago. Should time heal all wounds? My feeling is to be forgiven you must first adimt to the transgression. I told my father about my feelings and he laughed at me. I did not talk to my father for a while but now we talk but not often. Am I wrong? Should I forgive and forget?
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I think my solution is to forgive and not to forget. i talk to my father once in awhile and since my brother has moved out of state we really do not get a chance to talk. thank you for your comment.