Forgiving Yourself - the Hardest of All

I wake up everyday

and I forgive you -

you, who didn't love me

you, who lied daily to me

you, who told the truth that I didn't want to hear

you, who hurt me

you, who left when I really needed you

you, who let me fall

you, who broke and shattered my heart - in pieces

you, who wants to be my friend - and only a friend

you, who I love - and I thought loved me too

The one person I can never forgive

Is ME 

ME - the only one who is here everyday

ME - the only one I can ever truly depend on

ME - the one who consoles you at night when I cry

ME - the one who's heart is still broken in a million pieces

ME - the one that I should be the gentlest to

ME - Just me - for seeing me through, and not giving up


I can blame, judge, hurt, feel and hate you ... but that does not change anything because after everything that has been so ****** up, where I thought it was love - it was a mirage.

But I never blame you - just me.

Someday I need to forgive me - so I can forgive you too.


MizzBlue72 MizzBlue72
36-40, F
5 Responses Jun 4, 2009

Time does not heal all wounds.

Yeah - I agree. sometimes you have to realize when it is time to move on. That I have realized ... :)

Thanks =)

Yep and yes!! I know that we are our own worst critics -- that is why it hurts so much to not forgive myself. I'm getting there :)

We are our own worst critic. Love yourself Mizz. We come in to this world alone and we leave it alone. In between we always have ourselves.