Never Would Have Made It....

OMIGOSH! The things that have happened to me THIS month!!! I just had a POWERFUL wake up call....

Shortly after logging into facebook, I read a post that Tonya, a childhood friend of mine made, "I made it thru my storm and my test because you were there to carry me thru my mess I am stronger, I am wiser, I am better, Anybody better, I can stand here and tell you, I made it. Anybody out there that can say you made it!!!!!" and OMIGOSH! as I read some of the comments that were left and saw this is a song, I went to the song on YouTube and started typing MY response, "I NEVER would have made it, without GOD!!!I would have lost MY MIND...OMIGOSH, Tonya, I'm telling YOU, when that mass came up on MY BRAIN last year, it was THIS song that I heard on February 25, 2009 as I lay in that tube having the presurgery MRI, and I could FEEL GOD removing that mass from my brain!!! Now, EVERYBODY think I am CRAZY, BUT I do KNOW that I am stronger, I am wiser, I am better, so much better, when I look back over what He brought me through, I realize I made it 'cause I had YOU Lord, to hold on to!!! Tonya, I did NOT have to have "brain" surgery the next day 'cause the mass was GONE and the doctors are STILL scratching their heads wondering WHAT'S going on! Okay, I don't know how YOU knew but I really NEEDED this reminder TODAY Tonya...I gotta go and take a PRAISE BREAK, so THANK YOU, Tonya for letting God use YOU to deliver this reminder to ME! THANK YOU JESUS ~ HALLELUJAH...."

Epeeps, I'm telling YOU, I have just had an AWESOME PRAISE BREAK while listening to this song!!! HOW, I could let this lump in my chest make me feel the way that I've been feeling these last few weeks, KNOWING what God has ALREADY brought me THROUGH so much....OMIGOSH! This lump is NOTHING compared to what I've already been THROUGH...I MADE IT! I MADE IT! and I NEVER could have made it without GOD!!!

NOW, I'm stronger, I'm wiser, I'm better and I NEVER WOULD HAVE MADE IT WITHOUT MY GOD!!! Good God Almighty, I never would have made it without YOU!!! HALLELUJAH, THANK YOU, JESUS!!! Lord, I'm sorry! I am so VERY SORRY!!! WOOOO, THANK YOU, JESUS!!!

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such a you great person mate

THANK YOU ALL for taking time to read my story and leave your comments! I am TRULY BLESSED to have YOU ALL in MY life!!!

God can bring you through anything. I have a very good friend that has had 7 deadly diseases, was told she would not make it to 21 and now has a son who is 18. When she married she was in a wheelchair paralzed from the neck down. She now dances! Hang in there. God is with you.

No we NEVER, (never would have it)..without our Lord and Savior!!! God Is a GOOD GOD and He is holding us in the palm of His mighty hand. Glory to God for healing and lifting up our dear sister Phyllis. We will continue to praise Him and continue to speak LIFE into our circumstances because we KNOW God is bigger then anything the enemy throws at us. Hallelujah. <br />