My Ex Is A Bad Person

I divorced my ex 18 years ago, our kids were 15 and 10. My ex is a (nice) criminal and because of this I have tried to protect them from his bad ways and my kids resent me for it. They do not see what myself as well as many others close to the situation have seen and are still seeing. I know the general rule about not saying bad things about the other parent, but what does one do in this situation? My ex would and has done plenty of wrong for his own benefit.

He ruined both kids credit before they were even 21. My kids believe in him as has many people till they get burnt by him, but my kids seem to over look what he does. I pay my bills and am respected by my family and friends. I wrote off $15,000.00 of child support for him because he (once again was getting his life together). I wrote it off because I felt my kids would hate me if I did'nt. I am very intimidated by my kids because they protect their Dad. My kids and I have gone through many times without talking.

I know they have been in the middle of there Dad and I. I hear that from them. I feel badly about that, but I keep seeing when they do not want to do the responsible thing, they are in tight with their Dad. Then when it all falls apart and they want to live a truer life they call me to pick up the pieces. They are now 31 and 26 with alot of poor choices supported by their Dad, behind them.

I have recently sent them an email stating that (as long as they continue to believe in their Dad please do not contact me. I told them their Dad is a con artist and a lier.) He does anything he can to keep them from me. He told our daughter shortly after our divorce that I wanted to abort her...this is sooo far from the truth and what really disturbed me was a good amount of time pasted before she told me. That scared me because I think she may believe it. I know he has told them other lies and that I am the lier.

I just feel all I can do is remove myself from the on going job of saving them from their Dad. He had to move away from where we lived because he burnt every bridge here in his home town which I still live in and am welcomed in. I am so angry at him. I wish I could just get over all that has happened with the divorce and all but because of leading our kids astray, the wounds stay fresh.
Annofhope Annofhope
51-55, F
Sep 8, 2012