Don't Have One Actually..

but I don't know.. on the one hand I don't believe in stuff like hell and heaven, but on the other hand I suddenly find myself talking to dead people. Hmm.. weird I know
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whether u believe or not does not make either go away.

The best way to understand yourself is to listen to your heart or soul if you believe in one. Find a quite place where you will not be disturbed and a comfortable postion. Clear your mind of thoughts and worries. If they pop into your head just say "I will deal with you later, now I am here to listen to me." Then try to be silent and Listen. This is when your true you will be able to tell you what your truth is.

Truly you do not have to believe in heaven or hell. Just believe in yourself and love the rest will follow.

I've a Question


do you agree first we must have to be good Human..


have you ever noticed Good people around you.

have you not noticed that most of the Good people are suffereing in this world

and most of the bad people like smugglers or killers are enjoying in this world..

lets suppose we consider that there is no heaven no hell

don't you think when someone who is good dies did not get anything.. except suffering?

don't you think when someone who is bad dies enjoyed for whole his life and now took rest forever..??

if there is no heaven .. then there should not be anything called Good Because we know what we are doing in this world we will get complete recompanse of these good deeds..

Hope it will help you to believe in Heaven and Hell..

take care sis/bro

Peace be on yoU

May Allah swt guides you towards right path

you mean you actually, literally talk to dead people or you talk to people (in a figurative sense) who you have known or loved that have passed away? just curious :)


Seems entirely consistent. The dead are neither in heaven or hell, they are talking to you. Wher do you think they might be?