Why Christianize?

I was brought up an atheist but never was one. I have studied and taught Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and Islam at university. I have lived with a spirit guide for 27 years. In the last 7 I have recognised him as Jesus Christ. But very little I see in christianity seems to have anything to do with his personality. I feel The whole of Christianity needs to change and yet I want to walk humbly and not challenge people who may falter in their faith. The use of the bible as a law book, the insularity and the militaristic language drive me nuts. Am I a voice crying in the wilderness?
prasantananda prasantananda
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Too bad you were only here for 1 day 7 years ago. I would have loved to know what you find inconsistent between Christ and Christianity. And what you find insular and why you think the militaristic language (which I think is pretty sporadic) is a problem

Thank you for your question. Jesus is known for universal love. For him all people received God's grace (excepting he believed in the primacy of the Jewish people). Christianity is an organisation which sharply distinguishes Christians from others. Jesus went so far as to call a heretic (Samaritan) closer to God than a Levite in his story of 'The Good Samaritan'. Christianity holds that unless you accept the blood covenant of the human sacrifice of Jesus you are destined for eternal punishment. This is not of Jesus and is not of Judaism. A creed has been substituted for the love of God. It appears to me that Christianity is known for a kind of moral righteousness that the gospels ascribe to the pharisees. The military language of "crusade" and the widespread support of Christian Churches of the American military in Muslim countries testifies to the Christian understanding that the God of the Muslims is a different God than the God of the Christians. This is entirely wrong. There is only one God in all the Abrahamic religions. This is the main disjuncture between Christ and Christianity for me. I would love to go to a church which did not involve itself in the politics of the world and instead engaged itself entirely in spreading love to all people of the world. Unfortunately each congregation I have come across is dominated by people who are fighting devils rather than finding God. Thank you again for your interest.

Well, thank you for returning for another season.
Jesus did say that no one comes to the Father except through Himself.
The Islamic God is clearly different from the Judeo-Christian one. Very similar, for sure, but there are important differences. For one, the Islamic God expects His people make themselves worthy of Him.

brother Prasant.. i've a question...<br />
you said.. you don't believe that what christianity is teaching aBOUT THEIR faith is not correct.<br />
<br />
so please can you explain why do you feel what christians are teaching is not correct.. inshaAllah i'll be there to support you.!!

Thank you for caring to ask. I believe in God in any tradition at all. In the Buddhist tradition which doesn't have a God I believe in that which is permanent to Buddhists. This too is my God. I am a Saivite, Vaisnava and a Muslim. The one I follow to this path is Jesus Christ, who, as you so rightly pointed out, talked and walked the path of love. All blessings to you butterfly

You must have some knowledge. I question other religions cause I want to try to understand their view. I believe a true christian be kind to another ( regardless of religion or nationality). We as society have to put , status, names , we like to control everything.<br />
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So what are your beliefs now?? interested if I may ask.