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I have no idea what to believe. I think I believe in God, but I'm not sure. Sometimes I say "no way" and some days I think "maybe He exists". I definitely consider myself Agnostic. Hopefully talking to different clergy members will help, but I have a feeling it may just confuse me more.
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Suppose Jesus of Nazareth was teaching, and a man came and told him, “What you teach is beautiful. I believe that it is the way to perfection, and I am ready to follow it; but I do not want to worship you as the only begotten Son of God.” What would be the answer of Jesus of Nazareth? <br />
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“Very well, brother, follow the ideal and advance in your own way. I do not care whether you give me the credit for the teaching or not... I only teach truth, and truth is nobody’s property, nobody’s patent truth. Truth is God Himself. Go forward. But what the disciples say nowadays is, “No matter whether you practise the teachings or not, do you give credit to the Man? If you credit the Master, you will be saved; if not there is no salvation for you.<br />
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~ Swami Vivekananda<br />
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These are the memorable words of Buddha:<br />
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"Believe not because an old book is produced as an authority. Believe not because your father said [you should] believe the same. Believe not because other people like you believe it. Test everything, try everything, and then believe it, and if you find it for the good of many, give it to all." And with these words, the Master passed away.<br />
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See the sanity of the man. No gods, no angels, no demons -- nobody. Nothing of the kind. Stern, sane, every brain - cell perfect and complete, even at the moment of death. No delusion. I do not agree with many of his doctrines. You may not. But in my opinion -- oh, if I had only one drop of that strength! The sanest philosopher the world ever saw.<br />
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~ Swami Vivekananda

Basically, I'm in the same situation. I go through intense belief to profoundly unsure. <br />
I know that i do believe in certain things though.