I had always been raised in a Christian household. I used to believe in it so strongly; I used to try to convert people.

And now, I don't know. My Christian lifestyle certainly has degraded for the past several years. But it had never been quite strong in the first place. There had always been doubt existing in my mind.

Now, I feel extremely exploratory over other beliefs, and the lack of belief, yet I feel pressured to ask as my Christian peers do for fear of isolation and rejection from others.
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I had the same issue. Perhaps you should concentrate on what you believe god is. Have a personal relationship with god and ignore what the bible or church says. My god loves all people, he is tough, but has a good sense of humor.

You need to build up your faith in Almighty God. He is real and interested in you as a person. God's word the bible tells us in James chapter 4 verse 8 that he wants us to draw close to him and he will draw close to us. If you take the time to study the bible you will get to know God and you will begin to build up faith and trust in him. It just takes time and effort on your part but the rewards are incomparable. You will need to pray to him sincerely and he will give you his holy spirit to help you. Look in your bible at Exodus chapter 6 verse 3 and/or Psalms chapter 83 verse 18 and you will find God's personal name, use it in prayer and begin to get to know God. You will never regret that decision.

Chriastianity is not a religion. Its a way of life. Religion is man made as are traditions. Seek council from your parents, tell them how you feel. Its natural to question. We are supposed to. Seek out the truth and you will discover what you need. Don't rely on what any one man says...prove it to be true and good. If it is good it is of God. If it is not good nor true it is not of God.

And God knows whether our hearts are true.


If you once had Christian beliefs, then you should still have them. I wouldn't<br />
let go of them. You may need them in the future!