listening to mustard seed by kidneythieves, a band i highly enjoy. i find this song highly relevant to my thoughts on religion right now.

 I would include the Youtube link on here if I could, but I don't know how properly. 

i remember posting a comment on a song meanings site on my thoughts on this song a while back:

Genine Silverio • 7 months ago −
For me, I personally interpret this song as a story of what occurs after an individual forsakes organized religion for self-autonomy and Enlightenment, coming to terms with their own nature and what comes natural around them. Instead of putting faith from a set of beliefs that one grew up with and was expected to follow. Deviating from these established beliefs led to persection and criticism from peers who thought their path was the best for the individual and was ultimately the "right way." Yet, in the end, the individual chose the Self.

GenineFilS GenineFilS
18-21, F
Jun 15, 2012